Denise's Easy Graph Designer V2.0

Basic Painting

Basic painting can be done by selecting a color or symbol from the drop down menu, then clicking on the cell you want to paint. Multiple cells can be painted by simply clicking and dragging the pointer while the mouse button is down.

Bucket Fill

A great way to start any pattern that requires a majority of one color, the bucket fill will fill the entire chart with the currently selected color. Keep in mind it will replace any color currently in the pattern. Simply click on the bucket, then select your color. You will be prompted to confirm your selection.


Highlighting cell can be done by selecting the red highlight options in the drop down menu. A smaller red line can be made with a single edge highlight, or two(top/bottom for example) can be combined to make a thicker highlight.

Pattern Zoom

Get a closer look when working on those detailed areas with the pattern zoom.

Copy and Paste

Rows can be copied and pasted by simply double clicking on the row number you want to copy, and single clicking the row you wish to paste. Making repeating patterns fast and easy.

Pattern Text

Pattern text can be added above and below the charts using the font options in the drop down control bar. click the blue arrow to reveal the editor. Currently Firefox users can drag and drop images in to the box, hopefully chrome will follow suit soon.

Changing the Pattern Key

When using symbols with your patterns the software automatically creates a pattern key. The description for each key can be changed by simply clicking on the text.

Loading/Saving your Pattern

Found inside the settings drop down is the option to save your pattern, when clicked your browser will initiate a file download. This may appear like your pattern is being downloaded from our severs, but no need to worry as your design never left your computer. This is simply how browsers handle saving information at this time. Depending on your browser(Chrome, Firefox, IE) and OS(Windows, Mac,Linux) your file often times ends up in your downloads folder. The name of your save file will be your pattern title(See Below) ending with ".dnw"

Loading a file
This option can be found at the bottom of the main menu.

Add/Delete Rows

Found in the settings drop down this function will add a new row to the top of the highlighted chart, or delete the top row. A great addition for that pattern that goes a little farther than expected, or for reducing the chart down to the size needed when you're done.

Adding a Chart

Additional charts can be added to your pattern. The "Add Chart" button can be found in your settings drop down and will bring up a chart selection window. Several stock sizes are listed as well as the option to create your own size. The new chart will be added below the main chart. The full version allows for up to 26 charts per pattern.

Adding Background Images

Background images can be added for quick and easy pattern matching. Found in the settings tab of the menu bar your custom image can be uploaded in to the program behind the design. Position and zoom options are available in the menu, and the ability to show or hide the image while you work.

Please note: backgound image function are for the main chart only.

Background Image Zoom

Controlling the zoom level of the background image is found in the settings drop down. To make zoom adjustments to the background image faster, we set the Zoom Out function to 3x the rate of the Zoom In. So set the general size with the zoom out function, then fine tune with the zoom in.

Show/Hide Pattern/Background

To make working with a background easier we added a show/hide function, allowing you to remove both the background image and the design. A grayed out button indicates the design or background image is currently off.

Adjusting Background Position

Found in the settings drop down, once a background image is loaded, a preview will appear between the arrows. The position of the background image behind the table can be adjusted by clicking the arrows.

Printing your Pattern

Working inside your browser Denise's Easy Graph Designer utilizes many of your browsers printing features.

Found in the print dialog options in your browser is the ability to print headers, adding the "Page Title" option will include your pattern title when printing(Details below), page numbers can typically be added as well.

Printing issues:
Currently due to a bug in Firefox adding additional charts that are too big to fit on a single page can cause Firefox to cut off all of the additional charts. We recommend checking the print preview before starting on your chart, and possibly splitting larger charts down when needed. This is not an issue with Google Chrome, so switching browsers is also an option.

Changing the Pattern Title

Found in the setting tab of Denise's Easy Graph Designer, the title of your pattern can be changed by pressing this button. This title can be added to your printout via the "Page Title" function in your browser(Shown Above).

Printing the Charts Only

A quick and easy way to print the charts only is to hide away the description boxes. Simply click on the blue arrows to tuck away the text like shown above. This works on the header box, pattern key and description box.

Making your Charts Larger

If you would like to increase the size of your smaller charts when printing, simply zoom in on your chart usings the built in zoom function prior to printing.

Creating PDF Files

There are a number of simple tools that will allow you to print PDF files directly from your browser, my favorite for Windows is called Cute PDF Writer and acts much like a standard printer when installed. Some operating systems have PDF printing functions built in as well.

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Denise's Easy Graph Designer Version 2 - NEW!
Knitting Chart Design Software

Bringing together the power of our upgraded pattern designer, with a built in text editor. Making knitting, crochet and counted cross stitch pattern design possible from start to finish. It features a simple, easy to use interface that includes a built in help file, it's sophisticated enough for advanced designs, and easy enough to start your first pattern.

Denise's Easy Graph Designer utilizes your browser for universal support on Windows, Mac and Linux. The application is downloaded to your computer and runs inside Chrome or Firefox. You can even load it on a pen drive and take it with you! No internet connection is needed during use and your design never leaves your computer.

Give the Free Demo a try to check your browser support.

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